Our Mission


Here For a Reason believes that every person has something to give. Every person has unique abilities and skills that allow them to address challenges in a personal and creative way. Lasting change happens when the community comes together, each using the gifts they've been given to work towards a common goal. Right now, Here For A Reason is seeking to address the issue of food insecurity in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We believe that by joining together, we can address the need for food that is so prevalent within the city of Scranton and the surrounding areas.We believe we are truly Here for a Reason.

Do you see needs in your community? We do. We see people going hungry. We see kids without a safe place to grow up. We see people wanting to work but not being able to get there. We see homes falling to pieces and people discouraged with life. And we believe we can help. Here For A Reason doesn’t just see needs, we see opportunities. Opportunities to change lives. It’s not just about meeting a need, it’s about helping people realize that there is a solution, that there is hope. We believe in hope. We believe we are here for a reason.